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Are you making one of these three little-known weight-loss blunders?

by , 17 January 2018
Are you making one of these three little-known weight-loss blunders?
Everyone knows that skimping on fruits and vegetables, skipping breakfast and eating too much protein are big weight-loss mistakes. But these aren't the only things that can stop you from achieving slim-down success…

As it turns out, there are a few sneakier slip-ups to avoid, too. They might seem like small mistakes, but over time, they can add up and cause you to pile on those kilos! Read on for three lesser-known weight-loss mistakes.

Avoid these three weight-loss traps!

#1: You’ve given up all your favourite foods
Do you enjoy pizza? How about chocolate ice-cream? Whatever your favourite foods are, if you’ve given them up entirely to avoid overeating them, you’ve made a big mistake. Don’t worry, many people do this – it’s not unusual for a pasta lover to say they’ve never going to eat the comforting dish again until they’ve reached their weight-loss goals. But the thing is that completely eliminating the foods you enjoy the most isn’t sustainable. What’s key is to look for how you can recreate these dishes in a healthy way. If you love pizza, how about a low-carb cauliflower base version? If it’s ice-cream you can’t resist, try a sugar- and dairy-free coconut milk type.

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#2: You’re overdoing it on the healthy diet staples
There are a couple of foods that have become healthy diet staples, such as peanut and almond butter (which provide a healthy dose of monounsaturated fat and protein to smoothies and smoothie bowls, sandwiches and fruit), nuts and seeds, avocados. You can add these foods to just about anything for a nutritional boost – but that doesn’t mean you should. While these staples are all excellent nutritional choices, eating too much of them will result in you getting bored of your healthy eating plan very quickly. The result? You’ll be back to your old eating ways in no time (yikes!).
#3: Your salads don’t pack much nutritional value
When you’re on a diet, you might think that replacing one meal a day with a big salad is a good way to cut back on calories, but this can actually backfire in more ways than one. If your salads consist mainly of lettuce and other greens, they probably don’t contain enough nutrients and calories to keep you full until your next meal. This will likely lead you to make poor food choices later in the day (can you say, ‘mid-afternoon vending machine raid’?) or binge at your next meal. So, if you’re into salads, make sure they contain a good mix of fibre, protein and healthy fats as well as your greens!
There you have it – three little-known weight-loss mistakes you might be making.  

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Are you making one of these three little-known weight-loss blunders?
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