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A 'nutty' way to trick your brain into making you want to eat less!

by , 23 September 2020
A 'nutty' way to trick your brain into making you want to eat less!
Is your biggest challenge with following a diet the fact that you're hungry all the time?

At the beginning, you're all motivated to lose weight and it's easier to get by in a state of hunger... but as time goes by... and especially on not-so-easy days, hungry is just too much to handle for the strongest of wills.

But what if I told you there's a certain nut that you can eat that actually tricks your brain into making you want to eat less?

How to not feel so hungry while dieting...

In a study run by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, the researchers recruited 10 obese people to live together in a house so their eating habits could be observed. 

Then, they gave these participants the same amount of calories to eat each day for five days... But one group drank a smoothie every day containing 48 grams of crushed walnuts while the other group drank a smoothie without walnuts.

After 30 days, the groups swapped - the one that previously drank the walnut smoothie now drank a smoothie without the walnuts for five days and vive-versa. 

At the end of each of the five-day periods, the participants were given brain scans while viewing pictures of delicious foods, like hamburgers and desserts. They also rated their levels of hunger.

Keep reading to find out what the scans revealed... 

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After drinking the walnut smoothies, the participants said they were less hungry compared to when they drank the smoothies without the walnuts. 

And the brain scans showed why... The part of the brain called the right insula was more active after they ate walnuts. This part of the brain is responsible for making you feel full, and controls impulses and judgements. When it's active, you feel less hungry and you make less impulsive decisions about food.

The placebo smoothie didn't activate the right insula - this was evident in the scans.

So before you start a diet, stock up on walnuts and add them to your meals, or make a smoothie with them, or just simply snack on them during the day to "boost your willpower" and make you want to eat less!

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A 'nutty' way to trick your brain into making you want to eat less!
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