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5 Tricks to keep motivated in 2022 to lose weight!

by , 04 January 2022
5 Tricks to keep motivated in 2022 to lose weight!
Do you start out strong but you find your willpower buckles after a few weeks into your New Year's resolutions?

These five tips below will help you tap into your inner strength... allowing you to finally meet your weight loss goals in 2022!

It all boils down to masterminding your willpower in these small ways!

#1: Your willpower is a muscle – so think of it as one!

Imagine it… the more you use this muscle, the stronger it gets. It won’t improve if you don’t work it out! It’s no different from your biceps or your quadriceps … the more you exercise them, the more sturdy they get. Same goes for your willpower.
#2: Keep challenging your willpower

The more times you push away a plate of unhealthy food, say “no!” to that second cocktail, or order a side salad instead of fries, the stronger your willpower becomes. Find opportunities to take control!

#3: Don’t be afraid to say “no”

As your willpower “muscle” strengthens, your confidence will skyrocket. And, with that, the ability to say “no” to things you know aren’t good for you improves. You start feeling fantastic about the good choices you’re making and their positive effects. This means you'll be saying "no" more often to others. But don't stress, people will respect you for being so determined. 

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#4: Celebrate every achievement

As you start to fit into your favourite clothes, take the time to smile back at the reflection in the mirror - every day… you worked hard for it! Acknowledge and admire your achievements – both big and small - it’ll keep you going.
#5: Don’t punish yourself for slip-ups

Believe in your incredible ability to develop your willpower even when you're not perfect all the time - it's okay to bend the rules just once in a while - it makes it real. Just believe you can get back on track after a slip-up

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5 Tricks to keep motivated in 2022 to lose weight!
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