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You no longer need to use an old-school calendar to track your period

by , 10 June 2015

Your iPhone already knows some incredibly personal details about you - your bank account info, that fact that you still have to Google “how to use a semicolon”, and whomever you text all those heart emojis to (among other things).

So it's not crazy to want a simple way to keep track of your monthly cycle on that electronic second brain of yours.

It was only a matter of time until it came out anyway, right?

Good news, ladies: Apple is adding a period tracker to their Health app (finally)

When Apple left a period tracker off the supposedly all-encompassing tool, the Health app, that they unveiled last September, women from all around the world expressed frustration and disappointment.
And despite repeated updates to the programme in the nine months since then, Apple continued to ignore to add it – until now!
On Monday, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference announced that the Health app will finally include a “reproductive health” tracker as part of its iOS 9 update later this year.

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Tell me more about the new period tracking feature!

We don’t know much about this new feature just yet; all Apple has revealed so far is a quick screenshot of the page, which seems to include a way for women to pinpoint the start of their menstrual cycle and monitor the length and intensity of their flow – all information that can help us make sure we’re regular and even plan to conceive. 
But considering that plenty of other, extremely popular apps for menstrual tracking already exist (Clueand Period Tracker are two stand-outs), all we have to say is, thanks for finally including women in your world, Apple. Welcome to ours.

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You no longer need to use an old-school calendar to track your period
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