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You're not imagining that excessive hair loss: women suffer from balding too…

by , 27 May 2013

Fans of US actress Jennifer Lawrence were surprised when she cut her long hair into a short bob recently. But Lawrence didn't just feel like a makeover - she cut her hair as she was worried about excessive hair loss. And she's not the only female to go through this. But you don't have to accept this fate - read on to discover what you can do if you're worried you're going to go bald from excessive hair loss.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has had gossip magazines dedicating paragraph after paragraph to her recent haircut.
But the 22-year-old’s move from long, flowing hair to a chic bob is reported to be more about worries due to excessive hair loss than wanting a different look, says EntertainmentWise.
That’s because she’s trying to grow a healthy new head of hair after chemical treatments and extensions took their toll, adds DailyBhaskar.
And Lawrence isn’t the only one to suffer from excessive hair loss, previously seen as a health problem that only affected men.
In fact, studies show you actually inherit the ‘baldness' gene from your mother. 
But don’t despair: if you’re losing more hair than you should with each brush stroke, you can do something about it, says WebMD.
First, you need to pay attention to the possible cause of the hair loss.
Revealed: Four of the most common causes of excessive hair loss in women!
The top four things that interfere with the female hair growth cycle are medication, illness, infection and chemicals or mistreatment due to yanking it into a tight ponytail or blow drying excessively, says WebMD.
These all have the potential to stop hair from forming properly or breaking off before it’s grown fully, so if you’re currently on medication, feeling ill or treating your hair harshly, that’s probably why it’s falling out in clumps.
Here’s when to worry that your hair loss is excessive
Most people lose up to 100 strands of hair each day, but if you’ve just washed your hair, it’s normal to notice up to 250 strands clogging up the drain, says WebMD
And while there's virtually nothing you can do to stop this process, you can slow it down by changing your diet…
Three simple diet changes that’ll improve the state of your hair!
You need to cut down on salt, fat and alcohol, as these have all been proven to lead to hair thinning, says FSPHealth.
So skip the fatty pretzels, salted peanuts and beer, and go for healthier snacks like fruit and water – you’ll be healthier in the long run and your hair will be in better condition.

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You're not imagining that excessive hair loss: women suffer from balding too…
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