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Yoga your way to lower blood pressure!

by , 17 May 2013

If you have regular angry outbursts, it's not just an angry red face you need to worry about. Research has shown this makes you more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, which puts you at higher risk of heart attacks. Luckily, research also shows that a specific form of relaxing exercise favoured by Michelle Obama can help lower your blood pressure to cancel out this risk…

About 90% of the time, the cause of hypertension or high blood pressure is unknown.
Now, one common cause for elevated blood pressure has been proven:
 Yesterday, FSPHealth reported that you should do what you can to limit angry outbursts, as anger releases the fight-or-flight-response hormones that raise your blood pressure and pulse, putting you at risk of heart attacks.
But if you’re angry by nature, all’s not lost.
See, new research has found that yoga can reduce high blood pressure!
Proof that yoga lowers your blood pressure…
The study from the University of Pennsylvania didn't prove a cause-and-effect relationship, but it did find that participants who practiced yoga two to three times a week experienced drops in blood pressure from 133/80 to 130/77, says Boston.
That’s great news, as high blood pressure’s usually seen as a ‘silent killer’ as the older you get, the more prevalent it becomes – in fact, as many as least 40% of the over-50s suffer from it, says FSPHealth
But if you’re not keen on yoga, which Michelle Obama loves as it involves sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing while maintaining often-tricky poses, you can also go for a 30 minute walk five days of the week to lower your blood pressure significantly, says FSPHealth
Revealed: The reason exercise lowers your blood pressure 
This lowers your blood pressure as exercise is proven to reduce stress, which is a known cause for high blood pressure. 
In fact, after any form of exercise you’ll notice that the air seems a little bit crisper and the sun a little bit brighter, and you’re less likely to feel angry in this mindset, says BootiqueFitness.
So whatever your exercise of choice, make sure you’re doing some. 
Not only will you find yourself in a better mood afterwards, but you’ll have a lower risk of heart attacks in the long run by keeping your blood pressure under control!

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Yoga your way to lower blood pressure!
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