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Wow it's hot! Things to remember about your health when it's 35 degrees outside!

by , 17 January 2014

Extreme heat isn't news if you live in the hottest places in South Africa, but for the rest of you who are used to the mild(ish) climate in Gauteng; this heat wave business is noticeable! The reasons there's warnings, is because of the affect it could have on your health. Watch out for these changes in your body because of the heat!

There’s warnings about heat waves in Gauteng this week, and if you live here you’ll understand why . That aircon isn’t quite doing the trick and you’re feeling hot and sticky. 
And it’s not just the obvious signs you need to worry about, it’s what’s happening inside your body. And you need to pay attention to it!
How extreme heat affects your health
When it’s hot, the first way your body tries to cope and cool you down is by sweating. And sweating isn’t a bad thing besides that it leaves you feeling a little icky. 
But if you’re depriving your body of water and it’s pushing its last reserves out through your skin, that’s when problems start. 
So let’s look at how bad dehydration is for you!
Dehydration is the first issue for your health when temperatures soar outside
Your body is literally 75% water – so to keep it functioning like it should, you need to keep these levels topped up. 
And if you have diabetes? You’re losing more water and you have to increase your water intake even more. 
Look out for these symptoms to determine whether the heat is affecting your health
Be aware of the symptoms of dehydration:
· Dry mouth
· You may stop sweating is severe cases
· Your eyes feel dry
· Your muscles start to cramp
· You feel nauseous or you have a bout of diarrhoea
· Light-headedness and lethargy
· You feel weak and unable to concentrate
· You’re not frequenting the loo
Severe dehydration can lead to coma and death, when your body can’t maintain the fluid pumping through the body because of such a shortage!
People who work outside in the heat or those who exercise are more at risk of severe dehydration.
So remember to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, and increase this when it’s hot or you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above. 
Protect your health and remember to stay hydrated during the heat wave!

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Wow it's hot! Things to remember about your health when it's 35 degrees outside!
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