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Would you make these health mistakes if your doctor was watching?

by , 13 February 2014

Here's a shocking truth, doctors are humans too - and they sit in traffic and wander around the shops just like you do! So without you consciously knowing about it, they could be seeing you make these ten awful health mistakes every day. Here's what you can stop doing to improve your health…

Think about the guy who gave you a strange look in traffic this morning when you licked the last bit of chocolate off your fingers from the doughnut you’d just scoffed down. Ok so you knew it wasn’t the healthiest choice of breakfasts, but you were in a rush and it was right there on the counter when you scrambled out the door. 
He probably saw you eat the whole thing. 
It doesn’t bother you because you’ll never see him again, but what if you knew he was a doctor? Would you have done things a little differently? 
Stop making these health mistakes by thinking about how many doctors there are around you
If you’re afraid your doctor is watching you do silly things that are ruining your health, you probably won’t do them anymore. 
Here are ten things you should stop doing in order to improve your health:
1. Cover your mouth with your hand when you cough or sneeze – no one else wants your germs.
2. Stop eating all those sugary foods – especially when you’re in your car, bad habits form quickly! 
3. Take the stairs – every bit of exercise counts.
4. Stop picking at your skin – your hands are dirty and you’re making the problem worse.
5. Stop putting that old faded bra back into your drawer – it’s time for a new one.
6. Stop buying diet pills – diet and exercise is your best weight loss tool.
7. Stop buying expensive vaginal cleaning products before you go to the gynae – he needs to see what is really going on “down there” when you go for your appointment. A normal wash is fine!
8. Stop eating those cereal bars – they’re filled with sugar
9. Stop trying to walk a mile in those uncomfy shoes – if you’re up and about, wear shoes that support your feet. Save your killer heels for those long meeting days.
10. Don’t drink coffee at night – whether you think it affects you or not, caffeine really does disrupt your sleep
Stop making these silly health mistakes because you think no one is paying any attention. By changing these ten simple things, you’ll benefit from an overall improvement in your health. 

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