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Why you should be drinking a fatty cup of coffee every morning - yes, you read that right!

by , 30 July 2015

Are you a coffee devotee? If so, you've probably heard the term “bulletproof coffee” by now. Not? Well then let me fill you in…

It started off like this: A good few months ago, a friend of mine mentioned on Facebook that she was getting her day started with a good hot cup of “bulletproof coffee”. I was curious. I love a good cup of java, and I was wondering what made hers “bulletproof”. So I asked her.

I was a bit surprised at first, when she told me she put a little bit of butter and a lot of virgin organic coconut oil in her coffee. At first, I thought yuck! Butter and coconut oil in coffee? First of all, why? Second of all, yuck!

Then I got over my initial yuck reaction and did a little more reading and decided to try a bulletproof coffee recipe out for myself. And now, I'm addicted to a big steaming cup of this brew every morning! I'm now, in fact, spoiled for other coffee. Let me tell you more…

Why you should drink bulletproof coffee

Ever since I started drinking a big mug of this deliciously augmented coffee every morning, I’ve noticed the following in my own humble self:
  • In one month, I’ve lost 3.5 kg (hey, it’s something!) without changing my activity levels or diet at all
  • I often only eat a small breakfast (two scrambled eggs or a light smoothie bowl) because this coffee fills me up so much
  • I experience fewer sugar and carb cravings, and can sail through an entire morning without needing a snack
  • My energy levels are higher and my mind sharper
  • I don’t seem to need as much sleep as I used to
Still not convinced? Is it because of the amount of fat this coffee contains? Well, newsflash…

Your body needs fat – another reason why bulletproof coffee is great!

In the past, people thought of “fat” as a dirty word. Everyone was on a no-fat or low-fat diet, and everyone was hungry all the time. I still see fat-free and low-fat products in the supermarket and think (you guessed it) yuck! 
I followed my mom’s advice during the low-fat craze: I just ignored the trend, and ate the fat that was closest to being natural – butter. I left the margarine at the supermarket, purely because I generally avoid buying anything that contains mysterious ingredients that I can’t pronounce. I’m glad that we’ve come back to the realisation (I’m generalising here) that not all fats are bad, and that there are good fats out there.

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I’m a huge fan of the good fats, especially olive oil and coconut oil. They’re both wonderful for healthy cooking, weight loss and even skincare. I use these oils because the body needs some fat to operate at optimum level. Seriously – fat in your diet is vital to so many aspects of your health – energy production, healthy hormone development, proper brain function, and so on.
Back to how bulletproof coffee is relative to this – this coffee has a big dose of healthy fat in it. Has it changed my life? Well, I wouldn’t say changed, but it sure has enhanced it! That’s why I want to share it with you. Perhaps it’ll enhance your life too! 
Here’s what I look forward to each morning...

How to make your own bulletproof coffee

I’ll share my recipe with you in just a second. First, I must give a hat-tip to Dave Asprey, who writes an amazing blog called The Bulletproof Executive. He’s the guy who coined the term “bulletproof coffee”. He’s a very active guy who has developed his own brand of coffee beans that are meant to be low in toxins and thus much better for your health. 
Asprey makes his coffee with lots of added butter from grass-fed cows, and a special oil that he’s developed; a mix of palm and coconut oils. He claims that his health and his life have bettered by drinking this special brew every morning. I, for one, most certainly believe him! He also appears to make a living from selling these products on his website. So I must applaud him. He sounds like an amazing guy!
For some of you, though, Asprey’s high-end coffee beans and special butter and oil might be out of your budget or unavailable where you live. And this is what brought me to search for a homemade version of this coffee online. I found plenty of sources who’ve written about the wonders of their own versions of bulletproof coffee. I started trying some of these recipes out for myself. I then combined a couple of recipes and shaped the final product to fit my personal preference. And that’s the version I’m going to share with you today. 
Are you ready to try my version of bulletproof coffee? Here’s how to make a cup…
1 cup of your favourite filter coffee (brewed very strong)
1 tsp grass-fed butter
2 tbsp virgin organic coconut oil
Sweetener of your choice (I use stevia)
Creaming agent of your choice (I use almond milk)

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Put all of the ingredients into your blender.
Blend the ingredients on high speed for one minute.
Decant the coffee into a mug and enjoy!
Note: It’s important you mix the ingredients in a blender because this way, the fats will emulsify nicely, making you a rich, creamy cup of coffee that’ll fill you up and give you all kinds of energy.
And that’s all there is to it! So quick and easy. I sometimes like a light dusting on top of my bulletproof coffee too.
I hope this coffee does for you, what it does for me!

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