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Why sipping a cup of tea is all you need to relieve your PMS symptoms

by , 18 May 2016

When you're heading into your monthly cycles your physical and emotional wellbeing feels compromised. You're tired, bloated, agitated and just feel yuk! The medications you rely on don't seem to work well enough to make you feel better, and you just want to crawl up and sleep for days… That's if you could sleep with the painful cramping you get. But there's a natural solution to PMS: A cup of tea - but not just any tea, it has to be this one...

It’s not uncommon to want to just snuggle up in your pj’s and veg for the entire week of your menstrual cycle! 
But not many people have the luxury of even one day to themselves never mind seven!
It’s time to explore other options…
And one simple solution to all your menstrual problems stands out; something so simple, you could do it anywhere, at any time. 
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Simply drink a cup of this tea to settle your PMS symptoms
Have you ever heard of the herb yarrow? Well, here’s a quick background about what it is…
It’s quite a pretty herb that looks like a flower bush. But the leaves are medicinal, according to WebMD. 
You can use this herb to treat many different ailments, but the properties that we want to focus on, is that it’s great for your tummy and it can relieve your cramps
And that means you can get pain relief and less bloating and gas during your cycle – all from a cup of tea.
So how do you make this PMS relieving tea from yarrow?
Even if you’ve never heard of yarrow before, the dried herbs are readily available at most stores.
Put the dried herbs in a tea strainer straight into your cup of hot water, and let it seep for about five minutes. 
Because yarrow is slightly bitter, you’ll probably want to add some honey to your tea too! (And honey has anti-inflammatory properties, bonus!)
There you have it. Relief for your emotional and physical health during PMS is as simple as drinking a cup of yarrow tea. Enjoy!

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Why sipping a cup of tea is all you need to relieve your PMS symptoms
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