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What is age-management medicine? Is it all hype, or can it really offer hope?

by , 07 September 2015

Have you ever wondered what age-management really is?

Well, it's something my patients ask me all the time, and I think it warrants an explanation.

Especially since there's a significant amount of information out there about alternative and complementary medicine that's been labelled as quackery!

Keep reading to find out why I'm such an advocate for age-management medicine - and how it can help you…

My focus is on your health. Not on your disease…

Age-management medicine is really all about helping you stay in good health, right through old age. That means not ending up with so-called age-related disease like dementia, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.
It all comes down to the way you live now. I’m talking about your lifestyle, nutrition and environment.
And by changing just a few things in each area, you can drastically change your health and risk of disease.
Here’s an example…

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Everyday, you health dies a little more

Think about an average day in your life.
There’s stress from rushing in the morning and sitting in traffic. You skip breakfast because you’re late and you have a doughnut or egg-muffin from the canteen at work. You stand with your friends while they smoke and you rush to meet deadlines all day. Again you sit in traffic on your way home, pick up a pizza because you’re too exhausted to cook and you fall asleep in front of the TV.
What’s the common thread? Exposure.
Exposure to stress hormones, refined carbs and sugar, more stress hormones, nutrient deficiencies and sleep disturbances.
While it doesn’t seem so bad, it’s what’s causing you to grow old riddled with disease.
That’s where age management medicine comes in.


The simple secret to bounce back from Burnout
That’s where Ginkgo Biloba comes in. 
This ancient Chinese herb dates back more than 100 million years. And, according to the journal of Endocrinology, Ginkgo Biloba is the key to optimal adrenal health for three reasons. 

Revealed: The triad of a healthy life

In my practice, I’ll check how your hormones are reacting, speak to you about your diet and exercise routine and find out what toxins you might be dealing with every day.
And most importantly, I’ll give you the recipes to keep this triad – lifestyle, nutrition and environment – healthy and working to your advantage.
To protect you from the above exposure, I’d provide you with evidence to include more nutritious and antioxidant rich foods in your diet to help your body eliminate toxins you get from food and your environment. Then, we’d discuss the amount of exercise you could fit into your daily routine – exercise is a great way to mitigate your risk of modern day disease.
It seems like a simple “fix”. And it really is.
But it’s all about getting the right types and amounts of nutrients into YOUR body. And, because everyone is different, I’m not going to write you the same prescription I wrote the guy before you.
To find out for yourself whether age-management medicine really is hype or whether it can offer you hope, I’ve teamed up with FSPHealthandFitness.co.za to bring you South Africa’s first Realage test.
It’s a calculator that measures over 100 risk factors like what you eat, how you sleep your mood and your habits. It includes questions about whether you have a family history of medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure and also considers parental longevity. And it determines how they’re affecting your body.
Watch this space, it’s coming very soon… 

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What is age-management medicine? Is it all hype, or can it really offer hope?
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