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What do kidney stones really feel like? Here are the symptoms you're likely to experience

by , 24 February 2014
What do kidney stones really feel like? Here are the symptoms you're likely to experience
As your kidney stone forms, you won't feel any pain. It's when your body tries to get rid of the stone that you experience the true agony of kidney stones! Here's what you can expect to feel when you have a kidney stone (and what you can do to alleviate your pain as you pass the kidney stone):

The pain you feel when you have a kidney stone pushing through the narrow tubes of your urinary system feels like child birth, some say. 
But let’s get a bit more specific about what you’re going to feel. 

Pain from kidney stones comes from the blockage – not the stone itself

The stone itself doesn’t cause the pain you feel when you have kidney stones. It’s because the stone blocks the narrow tubes and there’s a back-up of all the fluid above it, says Dr Mercola. It also leaves the tubes it’s already gone through stretched and inflamed.

How do you know if you're passing a kidney stone? Here’s what you’re likely to feel if you have a kideny stone:

· Pain in your back, towards the side in the areas above your bottom
· The pain comes and goes, and varies in intensity
· There’s pain that “moves” from your back around your sides to your stomach and groin area
· You have little urine which could be cloudy, dark or smell very potent
· If you pee, it’s really painful
· You might feel nauseous and vomit
· You feel the urgency to pee but nothing comes out
· If there’s an infection you could develop a fever
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Passing a kidney stone is painful, so try these remedies to help alleviate kindey stone pain

While there are plenty of natural remedies to help with kidney stones, watermelon tea can soothe your pain and fight inflammation too.
Simply roughly chop two tablespoon of watermelon seeds and place them into a cup with boiling water. Allow them to seep for 15 minutes, strain and then enjoy the tea. 
As a natural diuretic, it should bring more water through your kidneys and flush the stone through faster. 
So as soon as you start feeling any of the symptoms above, put the kettle on and make yourself a kidney stone flushing tea so it can help you get rid of it in no time. 

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What do kidney stones really feel like? Here are the symptoms you're likely to experience
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