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What's YOUR real age? New to South Africa, leading anti-ageing specialist Dr Golding's Realage Calculator reveals how old your body really is… based on mood, food and lifestyle

by , 13 October 2015

Is your body ageing faster than it should? And what effect is your diet, fitness and lifestyle having on your body?

Dr Golding's Realage Calculator measures how fast your body's ageing on the inside.

Similar to the extremely successful Dr Oz Realage test, South Africa's FSPHealthandFitnessclub.co.za has teamed up with leading authority on Age Management Medicine, Dr Craige Golding and his medical research team to bring you their Realage Calculator.

It examines over 100 risk factors: Things like - What you eat; How you sleep; Your mood and Your habits. It includes questions about whether you have a family history of medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure and also considers parental longevity.

YOUR Body’s age may be higher or lower than your calendar age and it serves as an indicator of your overall health
PruHealth - a UK firm developed a similar body age algorithm with leading academics for Britain’s Healthiest Company survey – which looked at employee health of nearly 10,000 people.
The results were frightening:
    * One in five workers were found to have a body age more than eight years older than their actual age and,
    * One in seven workers lost seven years off their life by not exercising.
The study found that the biggest factors which pushed up body age were a lack of physical activity and being overweight.

***************Product Endorsement***************
Ever wondered why she never ages?
We all have that friend… The one who can run to the store in a tracksuit, without a speck of makeup on and, somehow, still looks fantastic. 
The one who doesn’t need to wear a nametag at her high school reunion – because she still looks exactly the same as she did in her Matric portrait.
In fact, you could swear she actually looks more gorgeous now.
Believe it or not, natural beauties like this aren’t as rare as you think. And you’re moments away from discovering how you can become one yourself.

The good news is Dr Golding's calculator not only reveals your body’s true age but more importantly offers you personalised tips and an action plan you can start today to get healthier and grow younger.
Take the results of an average man in his 50s for example:
A 50 year old man, who is 1.75 metres tall, weighs 83kgs, exercises moderately by walking 5 hours a week, eats a good diet, doesn’t smoke and drinks 2-4 beers(28 units) of alcohol a week and is reasonably happy has a body age of 56.
Add in high cholesterol and high blood pressure and his age jumps to 63.
Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health confirm that the age management lifestyle Dr Golding sets out in his customized scorecard can add up to 24.6 more years to your productive lifespan
Dr Golding says:
"People are living longer, but not longer, healthier lives…”
“It only requires some small actions taken today to prevent most of the diseases associated with age related decline. I’m talking about diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer's and Arthritis.”
Use Dr Golding’s Realage Calculator now and find out for yourself the simple but scientifically proven age management lifestyle you can adopt today to develop the lifelong habits of healthy living.

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What's YOUR real age? New to South Africa, leading anti-ageing specialist Dr Golding's Realage Calculator reveals how old your body really is… based on mood, food and lifestyle
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