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Watch out! “Natural” supplements pose potentially serious health risks!

by , 01 September 2016
Watch out! “Natural” supplements pose potentially serious health risks!
Sure, caffeine powder, red yeast rice and green tea powder extract may seem harmless. But just because these supplements are natural doesn't mean they can't be potentially dangerous…

In fact, a new report has uncovered that these as 12 other all-natural ingredients that are found in common supplements can potentially wreak havoc on your health!

Elevated blood pressure, liver damage and death are just three of the frightening risks that researchers associated with natural supplements. Keep reading to learn more about these eye-opening new findings!

Report reveals that natural supplements can cause potential health complications

According to the Consumer Reports investigation, natural ingredients found in supplements that can easily be bought online or in national chain stores can possibly cause health issues such as cardiac arrest, cancer and organ failure.
The report specifically linked caffeine powder, which many people use for weight loss, to a potential risk of seizures, cardiac arrest, heart arrhythmia and even death, especially when combined with other stimulant drugs.
The report also associated taking green tea powder extract, which many people also use for weight loss, with dizziness,  ringing in the ears, elevated blood pressure, liver damage and possibly death.

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Researchers and doctors urge you to avoid over-the-counter supplements

A panel of independent researchers and doctors say that when you take “natural supplements”, you may be swallowing a lot more than just hype – especially if you’re taking prescription medications or have pre-existing health complications.
These over-the-counter concoctions simply aren’t worth the risks involved. If you’re hung up on trying out a new supplement, I’d recommend you do extensive research and have a chat with your doctor first.

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Watch out! “Natural” supplements pose potentially serious health risks!
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