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Watch for these two food preparation mistakes that often lead to food poisoning

by , 30 April 2013

There's more to food poisoning than vomiting and diarrhoea - a seven-year-old girl has died at Aurora Comprehensive boarding school in Ekurhuleni after 26 boarders became ill in a suspected food poisoning outbreak. But it's not always the most obvious food poisoning culprits of chicken or seafood to blame. Here's what you need to know to avoid a case of food poisoning.

If you’ve eaten contaminated food you’ll know it can poison your whole system for days, says Health24
A constant headache, stomach ache and nausea are just some of the signs that you’ve eaten something that’s given you food poisoning, says AllAfrica
But that’s not the only effect of food poisoning.
Because the food poisoning incident often leaves you locked in the bathroom, and that’s enough to put you off the food that caused it for life!
And you can’t always tell something’s gone off by looking at or even smelling it.
That’s why you need to know the most common causes of food poisoning, so that you do all you can to avoid falling prey to it. 
Two of the most common causes of food poisoning relate to how the food’s prepared!
Improper handling of food after cooking it is a common feature of foods causing a number of foodborne illness, says Health24
That’s why, where possible, you should check that the food you’re eating has been prepared recently, sealed safely and kept away from flies.
You can also get sick by reheating certain foods like cooked meat and poultry or eating raw or uncooked versions of them.
So it’s always safest to eat meat you’ve cooked yourself as you’ll know it’s been cooked enough – and that it’s not old stock.
This is one of the main reasons people get sick after eating from a buffet, as the food can be prepared days in advance.

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An effective remedy for mild food poisoning…
If you’ve taken this advice and still feel queasy, don’t automatically book yourself into hospital.
First try this effective home remedy: Simply dissolve 4g of ground cinnamon in 1 cup of warm water and cover it for 15 minutes, then drink it like tea, suggests Health Bytes.
That could be all it takes to settle your stomach.  

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Watch for these two food preparation mistakes that often lead to food poisoning
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