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Warning: Your skin products could be legally loaded with toxins…

by , 14 June 2013

I bet when you think or hear about environmental toxins, the first thing that comes to mind are industrial chemicals, toxic metals, herbicides, pesticides and household chemicals. You probably don't give the products you use every day a second thought. But the fact is, there are many toxic chemicals hidden within the skin care products you and millions of other people use every single day. Read on to find out the real truth about what's in your skin products.

If you think your skin products are safe because they’re designed for your skin, one of the most delicate parts of your body, think again.

The truth is, “most skin care products are never evaluated for safety,” warns Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing.

Not only are the ingredients of some skin care products not listed on the labels, but there are very few requirements by the authorities to even test the ingredients for safety. The large majority aren’t even reviewed or approved” by authorities!

It doesn’t end there…

“The cosmetics and skin care industry itself is no help, either. In over 30 years, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (the industry’s own ‘safety’ review) has evaluated less than 20% of cosmetics ingredients and found just eleven of literally thousands unsafe,” says Dr Wright.

But that’s definitely not the case!

Even worse, the recommendations of this board are just that, recommendations, they aren’t binding on the industry.

Here are just some skin products that could have toxins

Dr Wright lists some toxic chemicals allowed by law and commonly present in many cosmetics and skin care items:

  1. Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) – According to Dr Wright, this toxic chemical is a proven carcinogen in animals and a human thyroid disruptor.
  2. Triclosan – An anti-microbial pesticide often found in soaps, another disruptor of thyroid and sex hormone function.
  3. Parabens – Oestrogen-mimicking chemicals found in a very high percentage of breast cancers and can also cause reproductive disorders.
  4. Phthalates - Reproductive system disruptors.
  5. Isothiazolinones – Skin irritants, sensitisers and causes of allergies.

Dr Wright warns that the list goes on and on. In fact, “one source has found3,163 distinct chemicals in just the fragrances contained in cosmetics and skin care products.”

Is there an alternative to toxin-loaded skin products?

Organic chemical-free products are your best bet.

In the meantime, find out what’s in the cosmetics and skin care products you’re using now by visiting www.ewg.org/skindeep, advises Dr Wright, “it’s the most reliable and complete database on this topic I’ve found.”

You can also purchase organic cosmetics and skincare products from Dischem and Clicks as well as online: Visit www.beautifulbynature.co.za/live/, www.pureskincare.co.za, www.organicchoice.co.za, www.beautiful-earth.co.za/.

Essentially, if you use cosmetics or skin care products and want to stay healthy, personal responsibility is the way to go.

“Relying on the authorities is definitely not the path to optimal personal health. For that, as with so many other things, the person most concerned about your own health and wellbeing must be you,” advises Dr Wright.

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Warning: Your skin products could be legally loaded with toxins…
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