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Warning: Using these three home remedies could be fatal

by , 02 August 2013

If home remedies are your best bet when it comes to treating niggling pains or even bouts of flu, pay close attention. While home remedies can be safe, some could cause harm. Read on to find out what the three most dangerous home remedies are so you can steer clear of them.

Most home cures are relatively harmless, but some remedies can be downright dangerous, says Health24.

Let’s take a look at the three most dangerous ones so you can stay away from them.

Are you aware of the three most dangerous home remedies?

Dangerous home remedy#1

According to Health24, you must never rub Grandpa Headache Powder onto your gum area to alleviate a toothache. This is dangerous as your gums could get burnt by the chemicals.

“Rather take pain medication the usual way and get yourself to a dentist,” advises Health24’s dental expert, Dr Imraan Hoosen.

Dangerous home remedy #2

According to Dr Ingrid van Heerden of Health24, a very popular, but useless remedy is the use of apple cider vinegar to promote weight loss.

This home remedy has gained popularity to an extent that some slimming products advertise that they contain apple cider vinegar.

But the truth is “there is no scientific basis linking the ingestion of acetic acid to weight loss. In addition, vinegar and lemon juice can cause tooth enamel to erode over time, so whenever you've ingested these substances, rinse your mouth or brush your teeth straight afterwards,” says van Heerden.

Dangerous home remedy#3

“Putting butter or oil on a burn. It’s bad for the burn, as it actually keeps the heat in. The correct treatment is to cool the burn with cool water, afterwards covering it with antiseptic cream and a dry dressing,” says Dr Bets Breedt on Health24.

There you have it. The three most dangerous home remedies. Make sure you stay away from them. And, as Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing always says, “consult your doctor before taking any kind of treatment.”

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Warning: Using these three home remedies could be fatal
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