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Warning: Don't mix medicine with cold drinks

by , 11 March 2013

It's easy to medicate yourself wherever you are. But if you've been using cold drinks to wash down your medicine, best you stop doing so. News24 Nigeria reports that cold drinks can affect how the tablets are absorbed in your body. Here's why you should rather stick to water to ‘make the medicine go down'…

If you’re out with friends and suddenly feel a bit fluey, it’s easy to pop a pill out of your handbag and wash it down with whatever you’re drinking.
But you’ll need to make sure it’s water you wash the medicine down with.
Here’s why you should take medicine with a drink of water instead of a cold drink…
News24 Nigeria reports that taking drugs with beverages such as cold drinks could have adverse effects.
Cold drinks affect the absorption of the drugs as the cold drinks are acidic.
This, in turn, decreases the anti-bacterial action of common medicines like tetracycline and even aspirin.
And don’t even think of mixing medicine with alcohol, as this can cause nausea or even make the medication harmful or toxic to your body, says the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcolholism.
Cutting down on cold drinks will lower your risk of developing Type II diabetes!
The LATimes says the rising consumption of sugar behind the worldwide pandemic of Type II diabetes is largely in the form of sweetened cold drinks. 
So drinking just a single can of cold drink each day is enough to put you at risk of developing diabetes, says FSP Health.
And ‘diet’ cold drinks are even worse, as they’re filled with the sweetener aspartame.
Aspartame’s been linked to “headaches, insomnia, mood problems, stomach disorders, nerve damage, chest pain, asthma, seizures, tremors and so much more”, writes Health Bytes.
If that didn’t scare you off, there’s further reason to steer clear of cold drinks.
Did you know that sugary cold drinks weaken your immune system?
Cutting down on sugary cold drinks is also a great way to boost your immune system, says FSP Health.
So limit the amount of cold drink in your diet – cut them out completely, if you can.

It might be the easiest way to cut down on common ailments that affect the immune system.
And if you’re taking medicine, remember to wash it down with water, if anything!

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Warning: Don't mix medicine with cold drinks
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