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Want to restore your adrenal health and soothe inflamed glands? The answer lies in natural sea salt

by , 28 March 2017
Want to restore your adrenal health and soothe inflamed glands? The answer lies in natural sea salt
Adrenal fatigue is a very common condition. Statistics show that up to 60% of South Africans suffer from it! The most common symptoms range from lack of energy, high stress levels and trouble waking up in the mornings to low libido, irritability and, of course, fatigue.

But there's another common symptom that we don't talk about as often: Salt cravings.

There's a solid physiological reason behind why people crave salty foods when their adrenals are fatigued and inflamed. And what's funny, is that natural sea salt is the best solution for the problem! Let's dig a little deeper...

Ever noticed that you crave salty foods when your adrenals are fatigued?

When your adrenal glands are fatigued, they fail to produce adequate amounts of certain hormones. Such hormones include adrenaline, cortisol as well as aldosterone.
Lack of aldosterone in particular disrupts your body’s sodium balance at a cellular level. This can actually increase your needs for sodium, and helps explain the salt cravings that majority of people with adrenal fatigue experience.

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This is how you can soothe your adrenals with sea salt

First and foremost, it’s essential that you choose a high quality brand of unrefined, completely natural sea salt. Table salt simply doesn’t make the cut – it only offers a fraction of the benefits that natural sea salt does. Sea salt essentially contains trace minerals that are very much essential to adrenal healing.
Once you’ve got your good quality salt, you should always salt your food to taste. The worse your condition is, the more salt you might crave. Many people who suffer from adrenal fatigue also like to add a quarter teaspoon of sea salt to warm water in the mornings and evenings to replenish their sodium levels.
Whenever I’m feeling run down or burnt out, I put sea salt straight onto my tongue and chase it down with a glass of water. This may be a solution that works for you too – particularly if your adrenals are fatigued.
Alternatively, you can take a water sole supplement, which you’ll find at your local pharmacy or health store.

Things to keep in mind when trying sea salt therapy

You must beware of consuming too much salt. This may result in nausea. If you end up feeling this way somewhere down the line, it means that your sodium needs are decreasing and that you should cut back on your intake.
It’s also important to note that sea salt therapy may not be as beneficial to people who have heart disease, hypertension or kidney disease as it is to healthy people. If you suffer such conditions, consult your doctor first, as salt may be contraindicated.

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Want to restore your adrenal health and soothe inflamed glands? The answer lies in natural sea salt
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