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Want to live longer? Say goodbye to processed meats like ham and bacon

by , 07 March 2013

If you've been put off meat by the current horsemeat scandal, you could be saving your life. That's because new research has found that eating just an ounce of processed meat each day is enough to put you at risk of premature death from cancer and heart disease! Here's how to adjust your diet accordingly with organic meat…

You might need to rethink your love of bacon to prevent an early death.

Because a large-scale study has found that processed meat is to blame for one in 30 early deaths, says The Telegraph.
So if you start each day with a full English breakfast packed with bacon and sausages, you’re setting yourself up for an early death, thanks to the cancer and heart disease risk.
To be safe, the Daily Mail says you’ll need to cut your daily processed meat intake to 20g.
 That’s equivalent of just one rasher of bacon or chipolata sausage.
Why is processed meat so bad for you?
The main reason is that most processed meat is made by combining the leftover parts of animals that high concentrations of fat and cholesterol. 
Even pan-fried red meat, like hamburgers, puts you at a higher risk of cancer.  
What should you eat instead of processed meat?
Don’t cut out all meat from your diet, as a small amount of red meat will give you the essential vitamins and minerals missing from a vegetarian diet, reports The Telegraph.
WebMD suggests you stick to the ‘healthier’ lean meat cuts and cut off any visible fat before cooking meat, and to use lower-fat cooking methods like broiling, grilling, roasting or pressure-cooking.
FSP Health says you can make healthier choices by buying organic meat and poultry.
Four health benefits of choosing organic meat!
That’s because organic meat contains more essential omega-3 fatty acids, more of the ‘good fat’ that reduces your risk of cancer, lower calories and fewer toxins, says the Livestrong blog.
There you have it: All the more reason to replace processed meats with organic meat in your diet!

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Want to live longer? Say goodbye to processed meats like ham and bacon
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