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Use selenium to fight and win the battle against viruses

by , 10 June 2013

Do you know that the more you kill bacteria with antibiotics or other chemicals, the more likely they are to come roaring back? While this is the case, there are better, safer and more natural ways to fight off germs. Read on to find out how you can fight drug resistant germs using selenium.

While pharmaceutical companies are still directing resources toward “new and improved” ways of killing germs, the truth is drug-resistant strains of germs learn to protect themselves against these chemicals. And this means less protection for you against these viruses.

So instead of spending money on these products, which are less effective against bacteria, why not try better and natural ways of killing germs?

It’s as easy as using selenium.

Selenium: An effective germ fighter

Selenium is regarded as an essential mineral needed in small, daily amounts. In fact, a deficiency in selenium is associated with many illnesses.

In Chinese studies, “it’s been shown that the virulence of and illness due to hepatitis B and coxsackie virus infection (a virus related to the common cold and to polio) is triggered by selenium deficiency and that selenium supplementation significantly reduces the incidence of these diseases,” explains Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing.

Certain herpes viruses may also be triggered or become more virulent under conditions of selenium deficiency. “There have also been reports in the last decade showing that a decrease in selenium levels is fairly common in HIV patients,” says Dr Wright.

Since the mid-1960s, scientists have suggested the decrease of selenium in the food chain may be due to fossil fuel burning and acid rain. This means if selenium deficiency increases the virulence of some viruses, it could be a factor contributing to the apparent emergence of more serious new viral diseases.

If you’re interested in adding selenium to your own infection fighting regimen, Dr Wright recommends you talk to your doctor for a dose that’s best suitable for you.

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Use selenium to fight and win the battle against viruses
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