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Two natural healing alternatives you can find in your kitchen cupboard

by , 18 January 2013

Do you know that you can save yourself money and countless trips to the doctor by treating wounds using natural wound healing alternatives from your kitchen cupboard? Here are two sweet delicacies in your kitchen you can use to treat wounds…

“Minor cuts and scrapes usually don't require a trip to the emergency room. Yet proper care is essential to avoid infection or other complications,” says the Mayo Clinic.
So instead of using antiseptics that sting when applied to wounds, you can actually use natural wound healing alternatives in your home and avoid the sting.
Use these two natural remedies from your kitchen cupboard to treat wounds
  1. Refined sugar which you’ve been told over and over is bad for you is actually a natural wound healing alternative. If applied directly to a wound, it can prevent infections.
  2. Another natural wound healing alternative is raw honey. It too prevents infections. You must just make sure it’s not the processed honey you find in supermarkets.
Other natural wound healing alternatives you can use to kill germs according to Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition and Healing are the colloidal silver gel and Iodine.
Colloidal silver gel is a safe natural wound healing alternative compared to other antiseptics that sting when applied. Most importantly, it helps kill bacteria without damaging newly forming skin cells. Other antiseptics sting when applied to a wound because they are killing the surrounding wall tissue cells. Colloidal silver doesn’t harm the surrounding cells or tissue. 
Simple steps to follow to care for wounds:
  • Stop the bleeding, although minor cuts and scrapes usually stop bleeding on their own. But if the bleeding doesn’t stop on its own, gently apply pressure with a clean cloth or bandage.
  • Clean the wound by rinsing it with clean water and avoid using soap to avoid irritation.
  • Keep the wound covered with a bandage to keep harmful bacteria out. For speedy recovery remember to expose the wound to the air once it’s healed.
Remember to look out for infections and see your doctor if the wound isn’t healing.
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Two natural healing alternatives you can find in your kitchen cupboard
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