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Triple weight loss whammy: Lose weight now to prevent heartburn, oesophageal cancer and asthma!

by , 25 March 2013

Obesity's long been linked to health problems that drastically shorten your life. Now there's another reason to pay attention to your weight: The stomach acid reflux or heartburn often associated with overeating's now been linked to the recent rise in cancer of the gullet or oesophageal cancer. Here's how to prevent oesophageal cancer in the long run by cutting down on heartburn!

Cancer of the oesophagus or gullet has been rising in all western countries, and there’s been a change in the nature of the disease.
The cancer affects the foodpipe which runs from the mouth to the stomach, and has one of the poorest survival rates of any cancer.
Even scarier? 
A genetic mutation triggered by the obesity epidemic could lie behind the dramatic increase in a type of cancer, says The Ireland Independent.
So while most cases 40 years ago were in the upper part of the oesophagus, linked with smoking and drinking, today most cases start at the base of the oesophagus, where the gullet meets the stomach.
The reason?
Research suggests this type of cancer is on the rise due to acid reflux or heartburn.
Because this form of cancer often originates from a disease called Barrett's oesophagus, which in turn is caused by chronic acid reflux, explains ABC Science.
So it’s a vicious cycle.
The more you eat, the more stomach acid reflux you produce, and the higher your risk of oesophageal cancer in the long run!
But you don’t have to live with chronic acid reflux or heartburn.
Stop it in its tracks today and you’ll also cut your risk of oesophageal cancer!
It’s easy.
Keep a food diary and take smaller bites to identify your heartburn triggers and lose weight!
In addition to losing weight, all you have to do is keep a food diary to avoid your heartburn triggers, says AltMedicine.About. 
These differ from person to person, but common heartburn triggers are citrus fruits, tomatoes and black pepper.
To find out your heartburn triggers, simply write down what you’ve eaten that day, and when, says FSP Health.
You’ll soon see a pattern forming when you suffer from heartburn. 
You can also prevent heartburn by eating your last meal at least two to three hours before lying down and eating smaller portion sizes.
An added bonus of eating less is that “Consuming small bites rather than large bites involves more bites for consumption of the same amount of food”, so small bites may lead to lower food intake, says the LATimes.
So you’ll be tackling the obesity factor in the same move.
One more reason to get your weight and stomach acid reflux under control…
Stomach acid reflux is also a risk factor for asthma, says FSP Health.
So taking care of just one medical ailment could protect you from three in the long run!

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Triple weight loss whammy: Lose weight now to prevent heartburn, oesophageal cancer and asthma!
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