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Three ways you'll stick to your fitness plan through winter, starting tonight

by , 11 April 2013

Many of us set out with great intentions to exercise regularly and increase our fitness levels this year. The sad truth is, only a few have the motivation to stick to their exercise routine - especially as winter sets in and it's more appealing to sit and eat comfort food. But research has found there are three easy ways to stay motivated and stick to your fitness plan through the cold months...

Your cell phone’s probably within hand’s reach as you read this.
It probably goes with you when you head out to the gym or for a walk around the block, too.
That’s why a global trend report says breaking a sweat without your smartphone will soon be a thing of the past, says IOL.
But this is a good thing.
Because tracking workouts through apps on your cell phone’s been proven to increase motivation and makes achieving fitness goals easier.
So if you’re motivation levels are waning, rethink your fitness plan.
Fitness plan motivation 1: Is your fitness routine realistic?
First, it helps if you create a realistic routine that takes in consideration your fitness level and the amount of spare time that you have available in your schedule, says Mahalo.
So if you can slot in an hour for exercising each day – whether at home or the gym – make sure you pencil this into your diary so you can see your intention every day.
Fitness plan motivation 2: Set yourself firm consequences for not sticking to your fitness plan! 
After you have your routine set, you should create a reward and consequences system to keep yourself honest during your new fitness plan, adds Mahalo.
And it’s easy to do.
Just updating your Facebook status to say ‘Looking forward to my evening run’ makes you more likely to follow through with your renewed fitness plans, says FSP Health.
Then, when you follow through, reward yourself with a treat like watching your favourite TV show.
Fitness plan motivation 3: Get someone else involved in your fitness plan!
It also helps to have a fitness buddy.
And don’t worry if your friend runs a kilometre each evening and you don’t feel up that just yet.
You’ll just need to set out for a two kilometre brisk walk for the same heart health benefits. 
This is because the most important factor of maintaining fitness isn’t intensity but the total energy used, explains The Daily Mail.
Follow these three steps and you’re sure to stick to your fitness plan through winter.

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Three ways you'll stick to your fitness plan through winter, starting tonight
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