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Three ways to ease your back pain this evening

by , 08 May 2013

Sitting hunched at a desk all day leaves people around the world groaning when they finally pack up, thanks to back pain. And back pain tends to linger, which is why many people try everything possible to rid themselves of it. Now, research shows simple antibiotics may soon be the answer to treating chronic back pain. Here's how to get your back feeling better in the meantime…

Most people suffer from back pain from time to time.
It’s a given if you spend your day sitting without proper back support.
But help could be at hand.
Because researchers have found a form of back pain treatment that could help up to 40% of patients who live with such severe back pain that surgery’s been their only option – until now, says IOL Lifestyle.
And it’s not a new miracle drug that provides the answer.
Months’ worth of antibiotics could finally ease your chronic lower-back pain!
Because chronic lower-back pain could actually be caused by an infection that can be treated with an extremely long course of simple antibiotics – up to 100 days’ worth!
The reason?
The infected discs of the spinal column causing this pain likely had limited or no blood supply for a while, so the antibiotics need more time to get to work.
If you’re worried about building up your antibiotic resistance by going for this option, choose a natural way to relieve your back pain.
Three natural ways to ease your back pain…
1. One of the best ways to relieve tension and pain is to take a long soak in the bath, says FSP Health.
2. And magnesium is very good for back spasms, says EmpowHer.
So eat a handful of magnesium-rich nuts to soothe a back spasm.
3. It’s also a good idea to prevent back pain in the first place.
You can do so by getting up from your desk every few hours and have a good stretch.
This works because stretching can strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and back.
This, in turn, helps to stabilise the spine and reduce the strain on the disks that cushion the spine and the ligaments that hold it in place, says Ezinearticles.com.
Try one of these three natural options the next time you suffer from back pain and you’ll soon feel better!

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Three ways to ease your back pain this evening
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