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Three ways to boost your exercise motivation if you hate the typical gym workout…

by , 13 May 2013

Yesterday wasn't just Mother's Day - it was also Chronic Fatigue Day. So if you took your mom out for a big lunch and didn't bother with your gym workout afterwards, you're not alone. And if this gym avoidance wasn't just a one-off event, you'll be pleased with the findings that some people's hatred of gym workouts isn't just laziness, it's genetic! But you're not off the exercise hook that easily…

Always blamed your genes for the fact that you huff and puff on the treadmill and give up before you’ve completed the gym circuit?
You’ve been onto the truth all along.
See, a geneticist has isolated millions of DNA samples and found that your specific genetic sequence shows whether you’re more likely to keep exercising or give up, says NBCNews.
Do you enjoy the ‘pain of exercise’?
In fact, as much as 50% of your reaction to exercise is determined by genetics alone, says TheDailyMail
And while some people enjoy what’s being called ‘the pain of exercise’, others have an extremely low threshold for this and are tired out just by cooking a meal!
That’s why some people don’t feel better after a physical workout – they actually feel worse. 
As people do things that make them feel better and avoid things that make them feel worse, those with a low threshold for exercise are the ones who visit a gym once out of curiosity and never return.
But you can get around this problem.
Especially as the research shows that 50% of your exercise motivation is actually free of genetics.
Three great ways to boost your exercise motivation 
In fact, using tricks like listening to music can distract you from your exercise and keep you going, says TheDailyMail
Another surprising finding?
It’s easier to keep exercising when you’re surrounded by green natural scenes.
That’s why it’s such a good idea to start exercising outdoors!
As a result, there's been a rise of interest in outdoor exercise activities like bootcamps, group training and outdoor activities, says FSPHealth
This works as having an exercise buddy also keeps you motivated.
So try these three motivational tricks of exercising outdoors, while listening to music, with a friend, and you may just trick your genes into enjoying exercise.

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Three ways to boost your exercise motivation if you hate the typical gym workout…
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