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Three profound cleansing effects of an Ayurvedic home cleanse

by , 28 November 2016
Three profound cleansing effects of an Ayurvedic home cleanse
It's almost summer and if that means one thing, it's that it's time to detox! One of the best ways to detox your body completely is by doing an Ayurvedic home cleanse, which is based on ancient panchakarma practices.

Read on to learn more about doing an Ayurvedic cleanse, which includes the preparation diet, ingestion of ghee and other specialised therapies, as well as for three reasons as to why you absolutely need to try it...

Three reasons to do an Ayurvedic cleanse at home

#1: You’ll flush excessive doshas from your body
In Ayurveda, there are two types of therapy, namely shamana and shodhana. Shamana refers to palliative care because its calms the doshas through lifestyle practices. With this method, you can mildly to moderately ease conditions. Shodhana, on the other hand, refers to therapies that pull excessive doshas from your body so that conditions are guaranteed not to reoccur when you reintroduce a more flexible lifestyle or diet. These specialised panchakarma therapies are so profound because they’re purification therapies.

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#2: You’ll remove fat-soluble toxins from your system
Heavy metals, pesticides and negative emotions are all toxins that hide in your fat cells and trigger mental, emotional and spiritual problems. By ingesting ghee during your cleanse, you’ll stimulate secretions in all of your body’s tissues, allowing better glow so that these harmful toxins move out of your cells and get flushed out of your body. Your fat pretty much works like a soap to loosen and remove unwanted build-up of toxins!
#3: You’ll experience a metabolism boost
If you think that an Ayurvedic cleanse is about starving yourself, you’re ery wrong. In fact, there are benefits to eating certain real foods during your cleanse. For example – kitchari, which is a traditional cleansing dish of basmati rice and spiced split mung beans, has a superb astringent quality that gently pulls built-up toxins from your gut lining. This supports the health of your gut and helps your body absorb nutrients better.
Eating easily digestible foods while you’re cleansing will feed your digestive fire or your “agni” and, in turn, rev up your metabolism. Some spices commonly used in an Ayurvedic cleanse include cumin, ginger, coriander and fennel seeds; all of which support a healthy metabolism.
Have you tried an Ayurvedic cleanse before?

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Three profound cleansing effects of an Ayurvedic home cleanse
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