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Three natural pain relievers you can find in your kitchen cupboard

by , 18 November 2013

According to Medline Plus, pain is a feeling triggered in the nervous system. It may come and go, or it may be constant. You may feel pain in one area of your body, such as your back, abdomen or chest or you may feel pain all over, such as when your muscles ache from the flu. The good news is there are natural remedies you can use to curb pain. What's more, these natural cures are already in your kitchen cupboard. Read on to find out what they are…

If you think the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard are only good for cooking you’re wrong. You can use certain cooking ingredients to ease painful problems.

Have these three foods in your kitchen cupboard? Use them to relieve pain

Health24 outlines four pain remedies in your kitchen:

#1: Fight pain with cherries. According to Health24, studies show that at least one in four women is struggling with arthritis, gout or chronic headaches.

If you’re one of them, a daily bowl of cherries could ease your ache, without the stomach upset so often triggered by today’s painkillers, say researchers at East Lansing’s Michigan State University. Their research reveals that anthocyanins, the compounds that give cherries their brilliant red colour, are anti-inflammatories ten times stronger than ibuprofen and aspirin.

Enjoy 20 cherries (fresh, frozen or dried) daily until your pain disappears.

#2: Tame leg cramps with tomato juice: At least one in five people regularly struggle with leg cramps. The culprit? Potassium deficiencies which occur when this mineral is flushed out by diuretics, caffeinated beverages or heavy perspiration during exercise.

According to Health24, UCLA researchers suggest you sip 250ml of potassium-rich tomato juice daily and you’ll not only speed your recovery, you’ll reduce your risk of painful cramp flare-ups in as little as 10 days.

#3: Heal mouth sores with honey: Dab painful canker and cold sores with raw honey four times daily until these skin woes disappear and they’ll heal 43% faster than if you use a prescription cream, say researchers at the Dubai Specialised Medical Centre in the United Arab Emirates.

Raw honey’s natural enzymes zap inflammation, destroy invading viruses and speed the healing of damaged tissues, say the study authors.

Well there you have it. Curbing pain has never been easier. Use these kitchen ingredients to relieve pain. You can find more kitchen ingredients here.

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Three natural pain relievers you can find in your kitchen cupboard
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