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Three easy ways to protect your lungs from Mandela-type respiratory infections this Winter

by , 28 March 2013

It's news that sends chills down most of the world - icon Nelson Mandela's just been readmitted to hospital with a lung infection. But the 94-year-old's had respiratory problems since his prison incarceration, where he contracted TB. With flu season just around the corner, best you take the time to protect your lungs from respiratory infections like this… all it takes is water, warmth and vitamins!

Former president Nelson Mandela was admitted to hospital on Wednesday with a lung infection.
This tends to put mainstream media in a panic, but given Mandela's age and medical history, doctors "acted with the greatest act of caution and responsibility and made a decision to send him to hospital, says the Mail & Guardian Online.
So this shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially as Mandela’s been plagued by persistent respiratory problems over the years, says The Telegraph.
And he’s not the only one - new Pope Francis has similar respiratory health issues because he only has one lung, says FSP Health.
But this Winter’s set to be a cold one for us, which means you risk respiratory infections too, even if your lungs are young and healthy.
Are you washing your hands properly to prevent respiratory infections?
Ione of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of infection with frequent handwashing, says KeepKidsHealthy.
Washing hands with warm, soapy water for 20 seconds will eliminate germs on the hands, says FSP Health.
And there’s another way water can help boost your immune system
Gargle twice a day to strengthen your immune system against respiratory infections
FSP Health suggests you gargle with warm salt water every morning and every evening to prevent catching a sore throat, which can affect your breathing and lead to a cough.
It’s also a good idea to run a warm-mist humidifier in the bedroom at night to increase moisture and warmth in the room and reduce the risk of coughing from breathing in cold, dry air, says Livestrong.
Forget the rest –vitamins C and D are your best bet to strengthen your immune system!
Don’t forget you can also strengthen your immune system against respiratory infections by adding vitamin C and D to your system.
For optimal levels of vitamin D, you’ll need to get plenty of sunlight and take 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily.
Also take 3g a day of vitamin C – but up the dose if you already feel flu symptoms kicking in.
There you have it water, warmth and vitamins are your best bet to protect against respiratory infections this Winter.

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Three easy ways to protect your lungs from Mandela-type respiratory infections this Winter
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