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This vitamin-rich remedy can replace your entire skincare routine!

by , 24 October 2016
This vitamin-rich remedy can replace your entire skincare routine!
My mother and I are many years apart. Over the years, we've had disagreements on many things... from dating to fashion sense. But there's one thing we've never butted heads on: The importance of looking after your skin!

Throughout my teenage years, my mom would always remind me to slather on SPF before heading outdoors, wash my face before bed and go make-up free as often as possible. Mind you, this was way before the "no-make make-up" look was on trend! While I'm happy to spray some dry shampoo through my roots to get out the door quicker in the morning, I'll never rush my skincare routine.

I've experimented with a fair share if skincare products and concluded that there are lots of labels that don't live up to their promises. They don't make your under-eye bags disappear in a matter of minutes or clear up spots and blemishes overnight. So when I first heard of micellar water, which is said to be a no-rinse, cure-all that can replace your cleanser, toner and moisturiser, I had a healthy doe of scepticism.

Fast-forward to a month later and I've ditched my go-to skincare products in favour of this single product!

Micellar water formula is made of micelles – and it has some remarkable benefits for your skin!

Micelles are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water. “The technology of it is actually quite old, dating back from research at the University of Bristol in 1913,” says dermatologist and Simple skincare expert Dr Debra Luftman.
“Micelles are attracted to dirt, grime and oil, and they draw out impurities without drying out your skin,” she explains. Rather than containing a foamy, soapy solution that strips your skin and leaves behind harsh chemicals, micelles cling onto the dirt and make-up on your skin and dissolve them, while leaving behind a glowy, hydrated finish, I learned. And so, I decided to try micellar water out for myself!


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How micellar water has replaced my entire nighttime beauty routine

Okay, so my nighttime skincare routine isn’t extensive. It pretty much just consists of make-up remover wipes, and a basic face wash, exfoliator and toner. But still – swapping out four holy grail skincare products for just one product was a big move. I don’t like going to bed with make-up clogging my pores! But I tried it out anyway…
After using micellar water for the first time, I was impressed – and surprised. Very surprised! The water literally soaked up all the make-up and residue on my skin like a sponge. Seriously, it picked up residue that none of my staple products usually would. Unlike a traditional pre-soaked make-up remover wipe, micellar water is designed to be swept away with a completely clean cotton pad, so it doesn’t just smear your make-up around your face like those wipes do. This is what made me fall in love with the product! Can you say hello pure skin?
Another thing I just loved about micellar water was its gentleness. Compared to a normal toner (even a very gentle one like my all-natural Rooibos tea toner), micellar solution is very, very easy on the skin. So gentle that it’s perfectly okay to use it around the sensitive eye area.

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Why you should start using micellar water in your beauty routine, too!

Considering the fact that micellar water requires absolutely no rinsing and is suited for all skin types (especially very dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin), it’s a serious game-changer. I can only imagine how handy this water will come in handy when I travel and don’t have full access to my toiletry bag too!
So far, I’ve only used the micellar water by Garnier. But, I’ve heard that Bioderma, a luxury overseas skincare brand, sells a fabulous micellar water too. I’m now a month into using my Garnier micellar water to wipe off my daily layers of blush, bronzer and tinted moisturiser, and though sometimes the product falls short of removing really stubborn eye make-up (especially waterproof mascara), it’s streamlined things for sure! I’ve certainly pared down the use of multiple skincare products. And the best of all, is that my skin has never looked better!

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This vitamin-rich remedy can replace your entire skincare routine!
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