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This vitamin could come to the rescue for stealth liver disease...

by , 05 June 2013

There's a good chance you have no idea what shape your liver is in. Most of us don't.

The symptoms associated with liver problems usually go undetected until it gets so bad, it's at crisis stage.

This crisis is called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). It’s the inflammation stage between nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and cirrhosis. The next stage is liver failure.

NAFLD is a silent disease - there are no symptoms. Not at first, anyway. And because there's no pain, it often progresses to NASH undetected.

The only visible sign of NAFLD is excess belly fat.

But there is good news...

There are two ways you can avoid NAFLD and NASH...

The first way is to exercise regularly and avoid junk food. Especially foods with added sugars - that includes all packaged and processed foods.

The second way is to take a vitamin E supplement.

A recent study showed that supplementing with vitamin E could reduce triglyceride fat in the liver.

Triglyceride accumulation is what gets NAFLD started in the first place.

Vitamin E supplements also inhibit liver scarring. Scarring leads to cirrhosis and liver failure.

Researchers gave 250 patients suffering with NASH 800IU of vitamin E daily for two years.

At the end of the study, NASH markers improved significantly in more than 40% of the patients.

If you’re already taking a good quality vitamin E supplement - with mixed tocopherols - you’re already doing your liver a world of good.

If you're not and you want to protect your liver, now is the best time to start. Especially if you're carrying fat around your belly.

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This vitamin could come to the rescue for stealth liver disease...
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