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This simple vitamin's been proven to reduce muscle pain and fatigue...

by , 19 June 2013

There's a recent study out of England that could have you back on the tennis court, dance floor or out gardening again.

This new research from Newcastle University has proven that vitamin D holds the key to keeping your muscles free from pain and fatigue.  

The study, which was presented at the Society for Endocrinology’s annual conference, analysed muscle recovery times for a dozen patients suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

The participants performed calf exercises before and after they had received vitamin D supplements for as many as 12 weeks.

Remarkable relief for muscle pain and fatigue from the subshine vitamin...

After just two to three months of vitamin D supplementation, every single patient (that’s 100% of them) experienced faster muscle recovery times and reported a dramatic reduction in muscle fatigue.

Their muscles recovered almost 20% better than before they began their daily dose of vitamin D.

There's even more benefits to vitamin D...

Vitamin D can also help control your blood sugar, ward off certain cancers and more.

And you don't have to spend a cent acquiring your vitamin D. Just spend 20 minutes in the sun every day with your head and arms exposed and you’ll keep your cells stocked up with all the vitamin D you need.

Of course, to be sure, get your levels checked and supplement as necessary.

The 145 year-old Russian secret to joint and muscle pain-relief...

Scientists have uncovered a substance that helps reduce pain and stiffness far better than most supplements.

This powerful substance is DMSO or dimethyl sulfoxide. It was first discovered by a Russian researcher back in 1866.

But the history of DMSO as a pharmaceutical began in 1961, when Dr Jacob was head of the organ transplant programme at Oregon Health Sciences University. Read more here...

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This simple vitamin's been proven to reduce muscle pain and fatigue...
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