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Think meditation's just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo? Think again…

by , 24 July 2013

If you're skeptical about the benefits of meditation, pay close attention. A recent study confirms that meditation is a viable method of improving your health. Read on to find out what the study found…

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If you’re haven’t joined the vast majority of people who’ve turned to meditation as a way of improving their overall health, a study conducted at the University of California San Francisco might sway you towards meditation.

Here’s what the study found about the healing power of meditation

According to Nutrition & Healing, the study shows that the positive psychological changes that occur during meditation are associated with higher telomerase activity. This is important for the longevity and health of your cells at the DNA level.

The effect of meditation on telomerase is attributed to an improvement in your ability to cope with stress and maintain overall psychological well being. “These benefits represent a cornerstone of modern meditation-based therapy as a powerful tool for healing and personal growth,” says Nutrition & Healing.

But what exactly is meditation?

Meditation allows you to reach a state of consciousness. A state where your mind and body begin to heal. When your mind quiets down enough and you can maintain a meditative state, the health benefits that follow can be potentially unlimited.

These health benefits include decreased pain and stress, greater energy, better mental focus, better sleep patterns and improved breathing due to increased lung and heart efficiency.

In addition, meditation can help you reduce your risk of life threatening diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

Want to take up meditation? Know this…

If you want to take up meditation, the most important thing to remember is to start out at reasonable pace. That’s because placing a potentially unrealistic goal of meditating for a longer period of time may cause you to give up, says Nutrition & Healing.

Even just 10 minutes a day can help you gain control over a hyper-reactive mind state through the gentle discipline of meditation. This will allow you to experience greater and more profound access to your inner state of tranquility and healing.

Finding meditation centres is just a click away, you can search on Google for places that offer meditation in your area.

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Think meditation's just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo? Think again…
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