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The simple solution to stop your child from wetting the bed…

by , 27 June 2013

As if having a child who wets the bed regularly isn't bad enough, the misunderstandings that surround bedwetting make the situation even worse. But despite what you've been told, you don't need to give your child any prescription drug or ring up the local psychologist. Read on to discover the real cause for bedwetting and what you can do to help your child stop it.

Although bed bed-wetting is often just a normal part of a child's development, there’s natural ways to put an end to soggy sheets and pajamas.

And it all starts with finding the real cause behind bedwetting.

According to Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing, Dr. James C. Breneman who wrote one of the most indispensable books in natural medicine: “Basics of Food Allergy” found that allergies are the real culprit behind bedwetting.

In his book, he described a study he conducted on 65 bedwetters. He discovered every single one (100%) stopped bedwetting when they avoided the foods they were allergic to.

In another follow-up study of 400 bedwetters, he showed once again that allergy elimination fixed 80% of the cases.

According to Dr Wright, there have also been two other studies to support Dr. Breneman’s findings.

They show how a food allergy can cause bedwetting in the same way that a food allergy can cause asthma.

Basically “both reactions cause a muscle spasm. In asthma, spasms affect the lung muscles and in bedwetting it affects the bladder muscles. This causes children’s bladders to become smaller – which means they can’t hold urine overnight,” explains Dr Wright.

So which foods are the biggest offenders when it comes to bedwetting?

In his book, Dr. Breneman found that cow’s milk and dairy were the biggest contributors to bedwetting. He also found eggs, corn, chocolate and pork aggravate the situation.

However, “nearly any food and nearly any food additive, preservative or other food chemical can be a cause too,” says Dr Wright.

So if eliminating the most common foods doesn’t help your child, consult a physician skilled in food allergies.

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The simple solution to stop your child from wetting the bed…
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