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The key to preventing canker sores lies in your choice of toothpaste

by , 24 April 2013

Canker sores are small shallow mouth ulcers make eating and talking uncomfortable. If you wait long enough, they can go away on their own. But there may be an even easier solution that can help prevent getting them in the first place. Read on to discover how switching toothpastes could help you prevent cankers sores.

Frequent canker sores can be really uncomfortable, even though the sores usually heal without treatment in about a week or two.

According to WebMD, you may have a canker sore if you have:
  • A painful sore or sores inside your mouth on the tongue, soft palate (the back portion of the roof of your mouth), or inside your cheeks;
  • A tingling or burning sensation prior to the appearance of the sores; and
  • Sores in your mouth that are round, white, or gray in color, with a red edge or border.
But prevention is better than cure. In this case your toothpaste is the answer to preventing these painful mouth ulcers.

Find out why sodium free toothpaste will prevent canker sores

According to Dr Jonathan Wright of Nutrition & Healing in one study, ten people with recurrent canker sores were given two different toothpastes to use for three months each. One contained 1.2% sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and the other was SLS-free.

When researchers compared the three-month periods, they found that the group using the SLS-free toothpaste had 64% fewer canker sores than the other group.

So where will you get SLS-free toothpaste?

Virtually all popular brands of toothpaste contain SLS, but there are some lesser-known brands sold in your local health shops that are free of this compound.

It’s worth hunting these down to help you prevent uncomfortable canker sores.

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The key to preventing canker sores lies in your choice of toothpaste
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