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The fishy secret behind potentially reducing rising autism rates around the world…

by , 02 April 2013

It's the sixth annual Autism Awareness Day, which forms part of Autism Awareness Month. Here's all you need to know about this lifelong developmental disability and a surprising way to possibly prevent your children from developing autism in the first place.

The rate of autism in all regions of the world is high.
So much so that autism and related developmental disorders, such as Asperger's Syndrome, are estimated to affect one in every 150 children worldwide, writes The International News.
And symptoms vary in severity, based on problems with communicating and making sense of the world.
That’s why autism falls under the ‘autism spectrum disorders’ umbrella, as some of those affected by autism find it more difficult than others to talk, listen, understand, play, and learn, says KidsHealth.
Autism symptoms can improve over time!
Now, research shows that some children who are accurately diagnosed with autism lose the symptoms and the diagnosis as they grow older, says FSP Health
Now, vitamin D deficiency is believed to be a possibly reason behind the recent explosion in autism, says John Cannell, a psychiatrist and vitamin D advocate.
And he believes you can turn this around by getting your kinds to get outside and play in the sunshine.
The reason? 
They’ll be upping the amount of vitamin D in their systems, for better overall health.
Boost your immune system with vitamin D ahead of flu season…
And don’t worry that you’ll get less sunshine with winter just around the corner.
Because the best way to up your vitamin D intake is to eat lots of oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, writes Metro.co.uk.
Go for trout, herrings, sardines, salmon and mackerel.
And there’s an added bonus to taking in more Vitamin D – you’ll also be strengthening your immune system ahead of flu season!
Simple as that.
Taking in more vitamin D will leave you healthier overall, and who knows – you may just be giving your kids the ammunition they need against autism.

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The fishy secret behind potentially reducing rising autism rates around the world…
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