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The D.A.S.H diet isn't only for high blood pressure - it lowers your risk of kidney stones too

by , 21 February 2014

You can prevent painful kidney stones! And all it takes is few simple changes in your diet. While the D.A.S.H diet (a diet approach to stop hypertension) is for people with high blood pressure, it also shows amazing results in people with kidney stones! So, follow the D.A.S.H diet and not only lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of kidney stones too!

A study of over 240, 000 people and their diet left researchers with this to say: “In conclusion, consumption of a DASH-style diet is associated with a marked decrease in kidney stone risk.” 
Change your diet; change you kidney stone risk
One in ten people will get kidney stones in their lifetime. And you’d better hope it’s not you! What, with the pain of passing these stones compared with natural child birth, you don’t want to be a sufferer.
Better yet, do something about your risk… It’s as simple as changing your diet. 
This is where the D.A.S.H diet can help you!
Cut salt out of your diet and keep your kidneys stone free
Because people with high blood pressure need to lower their salt intake, the D.A.S.H diet is perfect for them. And that’s why it also helps lower your risk of kidney stones. 
Imagine what all that salt does to your kidneys. That’s right, the tiny salt crystals build up and cause painful stones to develop. 
The main rules for the D.A.S.H diet are to lower the amount of salt you eat and to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. 
All this helps your body get more magnesium to bind to the calcium in your body so it doesn’t grab onto oxalates and make the kidney stone forming compounds.
Don’t you think it’s a good idea to try the D.A.S.H diet so you can improve the health of your heart and lower your risk of developing painful kidney stones?

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The D.A.S.H diet isn't only for high blood pressure - it lowers your risk of kidney stones too
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