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The 'shocking' secret to a deep night's sleep…

by , 10 November 2017
The 'shocking' secret to a deep night's sleep…
You know those asparagus stalks you've been throwing in the bin while preparing dinner? Turns out, those tough stems have been hiding the secret to sleep management all this time…

The scientific community has finally caught on that the lower portion of asparagus stalks contain a propriety ingredient called ETAS, which has the unique ability to increase the production of a powerful, protective heat shock protein 70 (HSP70).

If the research behind ETAS is any indication, this cutting-edge, enzyme-treated asparagus stem extract could change the face of sleep hygiene forever! Keep reading to learn more about it.

HSPs are little molecules responsible for the soothing effects of a sauna session or a hot bath…

The secret behind the sleep-inducing, benefits of ETAs is HSPs, little molecules that provide the same stress-melting effects of an hour in the sauna or a long, hot bath. A number of factors can trigger the release of HSPs, such as free radicals and excess heat. While this may sound unhealthy, it’s also the point – HSPs are designed to come to your body’s rescue and repair damaged proteins. HSPs also allow the proteins in your body to stay functional.
However, your supply of HSPs isn’t exactly limitless. In fact, your HSP release declines as you age, so anything that triggers the release of more HSPs is going to do wonders for your body. While spending the day sweating it out in a sauna or soaking in a Jacuzzi are two way effective ways to trigger HSP release, they aren’t the only ways (and thank goodness for that – who has that kind of time, anyway?). That’s where ETAS comes in…


“Take 2 for the deepest relaxation.” 
As I took my seat on the plane, nervous about the 14-hour flight to Tokyo ahead of me… I opened the bottle, took two and tried to relax.
I hardly had to try. My worries washed away, I sunk into a deep sleep, only waking a few times and then easily falling back into my slumber. And when I arrived I felt refreshed, peaceful, and focused.
What IS this!? This mysterious breakthrough is unlike anything I’ve seen in over 20 years of natural research.
Available for the first time in South Africa — it promises the best night’s sleep of your life — and the wild thing is… that’s only the beginning of what it can do!

ETAS is abundant in a class of compounds called hydroxymethylfurfural derivatives and a molecule called asfural

ETAS is an asparagus stalk extract that contains compounds that aren’t contained in raw asparagus extract, which trigger the release of HSP70. Asfural happens to be especially good at it. In other words, ETAS delivers a heat shock protein windfall to your body while promoting deep sleep, lowering your stress levels and providing anti-ageing benefits simultaneously. Instead of sweating your way back to healthier sleep habits, all you have to do is take an ETAS supplement.
This might sound too good to be true, but according to a growing body of research, it’s anything but. Keep your eyes peeled for more on ETAS as a way to manage sleep and stress.
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The 'shocking' secret to a deep night's sleep…
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