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Teetotaller, change your strategy: You're missing out on the health benefits associated with red wine!

by , 21 May 2013

Thought alcohol was bad for your health? In excess, it is. But in moderation, making sure you have a glass of beer or red wine at hand could go a long way to boosting your overall health! Read on to discover how the antioxidants in your daily glass of red wine keep your body healthy…

A new study has found that drinking beer offers similar health benefits to those of red wine, says PRWeb.
For example, when consumed in moderate amounts (that’s one or two glasses a day max), it’s been found that both beer and wine alike can have a beneficial effect on the heart, says DoctorsHealthPress.
Here’s the secret: Red wine’s actually better for you than beer in the long run!
That’s why so many nutritionists are starting to recommend that people follow a Mediterranean diet, complete with red wine, because it leads to a reduction in heart attacks, which means they live longer, says Health Bytes.
The reason?
Beer and red wine both contain polyphenols.
Polyphenols keep your body healthy… and red wine’s packed with them!
These work together act as potent antioxidants that in turn lower your LDL cholesterol, act as anti-inflammatory agents and prevent the growth of cancerous tumours.
But red wine’s cinnamates, gallic acid and resveratrol are more potent than the polyphenols found in beer.
It’s the fact that wine is partially made from the skins of grapes, where the concentration of antioxidants is highest, that gives red wine a higher polyphenol concentration than beer, as beer’s polyphenols mainly come from the presence of added hops or malt.
That’s why it’s better to go for red wine than beer.
And FSPHealth reports that new research confirms the age-fighting benefits of resveratrol, giving red wine the edge over beer when it comes to anti-ageing properties.
So what are you waiting for? Change your tipple of choice today and you’ll soon reap the health benefits!
Just remember that a ‘glass’ of red wine is typically seen as holding 5 ounces or 148ml, so don’t exceed this.

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Teetotaller, change your strategy: You're missing out on the health benefits associated with red wine!
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