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Take advantage of cherry season and eat your way to good health

by , 13 December 2013

Packed with health benefits, there's no guilt associated with eating cherries. At only 90 calories per cup, how can you say no to filling up on a delightful cherry snack? Take advantage of this summer's cherry season, and reap the following delicious health benefits!

From treating gout to helping with your sleeping cycle,eating sour cherries is much more fun than taking medication.
Here’s why: 
Cherries reduce inflammation
With their high level of anti-oxidants, their inflammation reducing properties are truly amazing. 
Used in the treatment of gout and arthritis, it’s no wonder this fruit is so popular. 
Diabetes sufferers benefit from cherries too
Trick your body by eating this sweet fruit. They actually help to reduce blood sugar levels.
Eating cherries lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke
Cherries help to regulate fat and glucose metabolism in the body.
Dietary fibre in cherries lowers the risk of colon cancer
Reduce your risk of developing colon cancer. The fibre content found in cherries lowers your risk. 
Cherries are good for memory
An active ingredient in cherries helps to improve memory. Keep eating those cherries so that you don’t keep forgetting where you left your car keys.
Sleep sweeter after eating cherries
As the only natural source of melatonin, cherries are great if you want a good night’s sleep. Melatonin helps with your sleep wake cycle, so eat cherries for dessert and you’re sure to have a restful night. 
Take your pick at your favourite little red fruit this summer and incorporate into as many meals as you can. Try cutting the fruit into your breakfast! Eat as a snack at any time of the day, and use them in your baking. 
So take advantage of cherry season and eat your way to good health. 

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Take advantage of cherry season and eat your way to good health
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