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Suffering from high blood pressure? A new study reveals that you can lower it with this simple gadget…

by , 19 July 2013

There's an easy way to improve your blood pressure and cut down or even eliminate meds. And you can do it by yourself in the comfort of your own home. All you need is an inexpensive blood pressure monitor…

If you suffer from hypertension, there’s some good news. A study published in the journal Hypertension has found that people who take their own readings at home often find lower overall BP levels than those who only get them done at the doctor’s office.

The link between doing blood pressure readings at home and low blood pressure

According to Nutrition & Healing, researchers looked at data on nearly 10,000 men and women with hypertension who participated in 37 clinical trials in which patients were randomly assigned to either home blood pressure monitors or BP checks only during office visits.

Overall, patients with home monitors shaved between two and three points off their BP levels. Researchers also found that a quarter of patients with blood pressure devices at home were able to cut down on meds, versus just 11% of those without.

What’s the reason behind this?

The reason for those differences is something called white coat hypertension. Some people are just so nervous around doctors or so annoyed over yet another costly doctor’s visit that their BP levels spike once they’re in the exam room.

Regular readings at home can eliminate the effect and help your doc make better decisions, BUT only if you do it right. The device won’t help much if you rarely use it and it won’t help at all if you don’t track your results and take them to your doctor.

A basic BP monitor will usually do the trick. Stick to the easy-to-use automatic devices and if you have vision problems, make sure it has a large display. Some of them can even ‘talk’ and tell you what your blood pressure levels are.

Just make sure your BP device is part of a larger strategy to keep your levels down without drugs, like eating oatmeal. It’s been shown to also lower hypertension.

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Suffering from high blood pressure? A new study reveals that you can lower it with this simple gadget…
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