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Stop that sore throat from turning into something more serious…

by , 15 May 2013

Turns out there's a medical reason for Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page's soft, raspy voice. He revealed on a public Google+ page on Tuesday that he's been being diagnosed with partially paralysed vocal cords. Here's what to do if you regularly suffer from a scratchy, sore throat so you catch a more serious infection in its tracks…

Google CEO Larry Page’s voice is so raspy and soft that he often uses a microphone and sometimes speaks in just a hoarse whisper.
Now, the reason’s been revealed: 
Page was diagnosed with paralysis of his left vocal cord about 14 years ago after a severe cold left him hoarse, says Fin24
Then, after suffering a cold last year, his second vocal cord was also partially paralysed.
That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself from any infection, as even the common cold can wreak havoc on your body.
But it’s not just the common cold you have to worry about.
Because oral cancer is on the rise in young non-smokers, thanks to a new form that’s linked to the human papilloma virus or HPV. 
Watch for these throaty signs of oral cancer
And early detection plays the biggest role in ensuring your survival, but oral cancer’s often diagnosed late as there’s no obvious pain that signals it.
You’ll need to look out for a change in voice quality or hoarseness that lasts for more than a week, like Page’s, as this could be a sign of cancer tumours or infection in your vocal cord area, says FSPHealth.
Prevent a sore throat, starting today!
And while sore throats can be painful, they don’t usually don’t cause lasting damage to your vocal cords, but you can still prevent them by gargling with warm salt water every morning and every evening, says Health Bytes
If you take care of a sore throat, you’ll be able to tell when something more serious is amiss that could permanently affect your vocal cords. 

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Stop that sore throat from turning into something more serious…
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