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South Africa's obesity problem is ballooning along with its people

by , 05 January 2015

When you think about America and their health issues, one of the first things that'll pop into your mind is their obesity problem, right?

And what about your own country?

What do you think about South Africa's obesity statistics?

It can't be as bad as America!

Well, you're wrong.

Our countries weight problems are slowly creeping to the top of the Fattest Country in the World list.

South Africa’s obesity problem ranks us at number three!

It’s shocking and devastating all in one.
South Africa is the third fattest nation on earth behind America and Mexico, says MoneyWeb.co.za this week. And it’s not just a guess, pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline conducted the survey to discover that a third of South Africans are overweight and the medical journal The Lancet published their findings.
And it’s almost like America’s obesity problem and our problem with HIV/AIDS and malaria hid the fact our nation has been ballooning in secret. But now there’s no more hiding.
South Africa is an obese nation and we can all see it. Literally.
And thanks to fast food and take away joints on every corner, it’s not hard to find the source of the problem.
But just like any other disease, obesity is preventable!
And you need to put measures in place to change your life or obesity will change it for you.
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Here are six ways to stop obesity from becoming your biggest problem

#1. Change your habits
One of the worst factors for your health and weight is convenience.
That’s right.
The more convenient it is for you to get to the shop entrance, the less you walk. The more convenient it is for you to get food, the less healthy it is for you. And the more convenient it is for you to eat, the heavier you’ll be.
You can change all three. Exercise, shopping at health stores and cooking are three of the simple ways to break these conveniently unhealthy habits!
#2. Get some exercise
Just 30 minutes a day is all it takes. If that involves walking, that’s great! As long as it gets your heart beating a little quicker and your breathing a little deeper you’re on the right track.
#4. Stop watching TV ads
Almost every ad on TV is telling you to buy something. And it usually involves food.
Right now, if we mention how tasty a chocolate milkshake would be, you’d think about it and want it. And, if it’s convenient, you’d go get one without hesitation.
Do you see the how easily obesity becomes a problem?
So fast forward through ads and put your blinkers on when it comes to food advertising.
#5. Stock up
Having healthy foods on you at all times can help you break snacking habits.
If you can reach into your bag and pull out a healthy snack you enjoy, it’ll be a lot less tempting to buy something unhealthy!
Pack vegetable sticks, nuts and biltong into your lunch bag so you have something to snack on when you feel the need.
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#6. Take responsibility
Your weight is your problem and it’s up to you to change it.
While it’s not going to be easy, determination and taking responsibility for your health and life, you’ll be able to get through.
And when you do, you’ll feel the worth in what you achieved.
There you have it! An obesity problem is not worth the risk to your health and overall well-being! Don’t become another statistic. Change happens one person at a time. So start a revolution and lets change the obesity epidemic in South Africa. 

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South Africa's obesity problem is ballooning along with its people
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