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Six things to drink instead of sugary drinks starting TODAY, unless you want kidney stones!

by , 24 May 2013

One of the worst things you can do for your health is to rely on sugary drinks for an energy boost. You'll soon ‘crash', may feel depressed as result, and research has found time and again that sugary drinks simply don't hold any health benefits. In fact, just one sugary drink a day puts you at risk of developing adult-onset diabetes. Now, research has found that sugary drinks also increase your risk of developing painful kidney stones! Here's what to drink to keep your kidneys safe…

An attack of kidney stones often results in trips to the hospital to investigate the sharp pains that leave you unable to move from the agony, says FSPHealth.
Kidney stones form when there’s a decrease in urine volume or an excess of stone-forming substances like salt in the urine, says MedicineNet.
So dehydration is a major risk factor for kidney stone formation.
That’s why up to now, the recommendation for kidney stone prevention has simply been to drink lots of fluids.
But the latest study shows you need to be careful that what you’re drinking doesn’t worsen the situation if you already have kidney stones.
Because drinking just one sugar-sweetened or fizzy drink a day and you’re 33% more likely to develop kidney stones, says TheLowellSun.
Cut all sugary drinks from your diet to prevent kidney stones forming – even diet cold drinks and sweetened fruit juice!
It doesn’t even help to stick to ‘diet’ cold drinks, women who drink diet sweetened cold drinks tend to drink more of them than those who drink normal cold drinks, says News24.
And it’s not just fizzy drinks like sodas that need to go on your ‘banned’ list if you want to prevent kidney stones.
Because sugary drinks like fruit juice make the kidney stones worse, as these increase the excretion of calcium in the urine, which increases your risk of forming kidney stones, says FSP Health.
Switch sugary drinks with these six kidney stone-preventing drinks!
The study found that drinks that reduce your risk of developing kidney stones include coffee, tea, wine, beer and orange juice.
But another study has found that a diet rich in calcium from dairy sources like milk can reduce your risk of developing kidney stones by 20%, says FoodProductDesign.
So make sure you drink about three glasses of milk a day to reap the kidney-protection powers, and steer clear of fizzy cold drinks to keep your kidneys free of painful kidney stones.

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Six things to drink instead of sugary drinks starting TODAY, unless you want kidney stones!
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