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Single and happy? Here's what that says about your personality

by , 25 August 2015

It might be hard to believe at certain times, but single people can actually be just as happy as those in romantic relationships. Does this sound like you? Well, then, you'd be interested to know that this says an awful lot about your personality…

According to new research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, only people with a certain temperament are able to be happy when they're single. Over the years, studies have found that single people tend to be less satisfied with their lives, compared to those with a significant other. But that only reflects the average experience. Some studies have found that the single life can bring some advantages, like closer relationships with family and friends.

This new study only adds another layer to such findings: Single people can, in fact, be just as fulfilled as couples. But, it may partly depend on how they approach relationship goals in general. So what's the key here?

What makes the single life seem as satisfying as being coupled?

Researchers say they found that the key is whether or not a person prefers to avoid drama and conflict in relationships. People who are unfazed by relationship ups and downs tend to be less happy when they’re single, according to the research team.
The team says this all suggests that for some people, being romantically unattached removes a major source of stress. At the same time, though, people who constantly strive to avoid conflict in relationships may tend to be slightly on the neurotic side. And, some of them might benefit from their changing perspective.

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So who’s happier – people in relationships, or singles?

The team says their findings mirror what many others have shown: On average, people in relationships are happier than singles. The reason for this is unknown, but in my opinion, a big reason is probably the fact that many people view romance as a huge component of overall contentment.
Apart from that, genetics account for a lot, too, according to previous research. You’re born with certain personality traits, and people who are naturally pessimistic or anxious, for example, are less inclined to feel like life is good.
Having said all of this, though, it’s important to note that relationships and experiences only change how you feel temporarily. After a while, you’ll return to your baseline. So, if you’re a miserable, unhappy person when you’re single, don’t expect that to just change when you start dating someone. 
My suggestion? Love yourself, respect yourself and find happiness within. That way, you’re sure to be as happy single as you are when you’re in a relationship. As you grow in love and life you begin to realise this. It’s an amazing thing.

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Single and happy? Here's what that says about your personality
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