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Shocking health news: Toddler dies after drinking bath milk

by , 12 December 2014

Tragedy has hit a family from Victoria in Australia after their three-year-old toddler died on Thursday morning.

And it wasn't because of a serious illness or traumatic accident. It was because the toddler drank raw milk.

The Guardian News reports that another four children between the age of one and five, also residents of Victoria are seriously ill after allegedly drinking the same organic produce.

But there's a catch.

The milk they all drank isn't the type you put in your fridge or in your cereal bowl. It's for cosmetic purposes and you BATH in it!

Read on to find out what happened to cause this tragedy and how you and your family can learn from it!

The deadly debate about the organic produce of raw milk

The “raw milk revolution” just a short time ago, had people opting to buy raw milk instead of pasteurised types because of the health implications of pasteurisation.
But with no real evidence to support that drinking raw milk is healthier, many countries have still not allowed the legal sale of raw milk in shops.
And Australia is one of them.
So how then did one child die and four others become gravely ill after drinking it?
Well, it’s because the label reads “cosmetic product” and not organic produce. And it’s the only reason the “milk” is available on the shelf of the Victorian store.
It’s a small family-run farmer’s store that gets their milk from a local farm. They bottle it and sell it as bath milk. Something that’s supposed to be great for your skin!
But is it OK to sell raw milk in the first place; whether it’s for cosmetic use or consumption?
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Raw milk: Organic produce or death sentence?

The bottle states, in big letters, “not for human consumption”. But a three year old that sees mommy pour her milk into a bottle so she can drink it, doesn’t know that the bottle full of raw milk mommy pours into the bath could kill her.
A five year old wouldn’t understand the words even if he could read them. Mom says its milk, so why would a child not want to drink it and see what it tastes like when it’s in a different container?
And that’s where organic produce, used for other uses can be dangerous in your home.
Even though the raw milk was from a trusted source, there was a deadly dose of E.coli bacteria in it. Which the farmer would never pick up when milking his cows.
He wouldn’t know that somehow one of his cows picked up the bacterial infection and it spread like wildfire between the herd.
The tragedy is that if someone took the time to boil the milk after collecting it, it would have been ok to drink. Because when you pasteurise the milk, it kills harmful bacteria like E.coli and it wouldn’t be able to spread in the container like it did.
And that’s what makes the story so incredibly sad. Something so simple ended in the loss of a young life.
But it’s made Australian health officials stand up and take notice. And you should too!
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Don’t simply trust organic produce – know your products

Whether its organic produce you eat or you use for cosmetic purposes, take caution when it comes to your family.
A label stating a product is organic produce could still have pesticides and poison on it if you don’t know the source. And cosmetic products, even though they’re organic, can still have a disastrous effect on your health.
So, always make sure you wash your food thoroughly before you eat it and keep any products out of reach of your children, especially if they resemble something he usually eats.
Despite the very tragic nature of what happened in Victoria, we hope it’s a lesson you can use to protect and save your own family.
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Shocking health news: Toddler dies after drinking bath milk
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