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Seven signs depression could be behind your ‘brain fog'

by , 29 July 2013

As you get older, your brain's neurons, which carry messages from one cell to another, slow down or even die. This deterioration is referred to as ‘brain fog'. The good news is you can prevent much of this deterioration if you know how to pinpoint the source of your ‘brain fog' and treat the underlying cause. Read on to discover the seven symptoms that indicate your ‘brain fog' is caused by depression so you can seek treatment.

“Brain fog’ could be caused by depression,” says Boost your Brain Power.

So if you experience one of the first two symptoms of depression listed below for two or more consecutive weeks, you could be suffering from depression and should consult your doctor.

The seven symptoms of depression include:

  1. Persistent feelings of sadness, apathy or hopelessness.
  2. Diminished interest in most daily activities, particularly pleasurable ones.
  3. Decreased appetite and subsequent weight loss, or increased appetite and weight gain.
  4. Lack of sleep (insomnia), frequent awakening throughout the night (particularly in the early mornings) or conversely, an increased need for sleep.
  5. Anxiety.
  6. Irritation and frequent outbursts of anger.
  7. Diminished ability to think or concentrate

Getting your doctor to treat the underlying causes of depression will help you lift your brain fog. And when you do, you’ll be able to think more clearly, sharply and decisively no matter your age.

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Seven signs depression could be behind your ‘brain fog'
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