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Revealed: The two top blood groups for different types of blood donation

by , 11 June 2013

Blood donation is a great way to save a life. But there's more to it than just ‘donating your blood'. There are three types of blood donation - whole blood, plasma and platelets. Here's why it's important to know your blood type so that you can make much-needed blood donations not just in June (which is Blood Donation Month) but all-year round…

There’s been a rise in interest in blood donation lately, but not just because it’s a way to save others’ lives.

See, with the latest treatment for baldness, your own blood is harvested, processed to separate the plasma from the blood cells, then injected into your bald patch as a way to prompt the hair to regrow, says FSP Health.

But as it’s blood donation month, you should be thinking of blood donation as a way to improve the lives of others, not just your own.

After all, there are frequent shortages at blood banks across the world. It’s especially bad in India at the moment, with many students on holiday out of the country, as these are one of the most eager demographics when it comes to blood donation, says TheHindu.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to donate blood…

There are three main types of blood donation – plasma, platelets and whole blood.

  1. Plasma donations involve donating a concentrated collection of plasma only in a lengthy process that can take two hours, as it usually includes an interview to refreshments.
  2. If you go for platelet donation, you’ll need to have made at least one successful whole blood donation in the past two years and weigh at least 50kg, says DonateBlood.
  3. Whole blood donation is when all three components of blood are collected – the red cells, as well as the plasma and the platelets. You can make a whole blood donation every 12 weeks if you’re healthy, between the ages of 16 and 70 and weigh more than 45kg.

Did you know Type AB blood’s the best type for plasma and platelet donation?

If you have Type AB blood, you can give a simultaneous platelet and plasma donation as anyone in need can receive your plasma, says RedCrossBlood.

Type O blood? You’re in great demand for whole blood donation!

If your blood is Type O negative, it’s a great idea to go for whole blood donation.

The reason? Yours is the only blood type that can be safely given to everyone, no matter their blood type, adds DonateBlood.

There you have it – knowing your blood type can help you decide which type of blood donation to go for this Blood Donation Month.

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Revealed: The two top blood groups for different types of blood donation
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