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Revealed: The simple new diet that'll cut your breast cancer risk

by , 11 March 2013

In a talk on International Women's Day last Friday, experts mentioned that breast cancer is by far the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women around the world. It accounts for almost 20% of all cancers among women in developed countries and is even on the rise in men. Luckily, new therapies are being developed to treat and prevent breast cancer, and you can make a few simple lifestyle changes to prevent breast cancer - two of them are very tasty!

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women around the world.
If there’s a history of breast cancer in your family, there’s a strong chance you’ll get it too.
And younger women are developing breast cancer than before, says FSP Health.
But there’s hope.
Five-year survival of more than 80% is achieved if breast cancer is caught and treated early, says The Times of India.
And genetic testing could soon pinpoint exactly why your breast cancer developed, which will help with deciding on a treatment plan.
Sign of the times: Soon a blood test will prove if your breast cancer’s likely to return or not
Because the genetic testing will also show whether the breast cancer is likely to be banished for good or if you’ll need pre-emptive treatment to stop it from returning, says Australia’s News.com website.
So you’ll soon be able to tell if you’re at risk of developing breast cancer at all, then take action to prevent it.
All it’ll take is a blood test. Then you can follow a tailor-made treatment programme, based on your individual genetic make-up and how susceptible you are to breast cancer recurrence, says FSP Health.
And until this is available, you can make some simple lifestyle changes to lower your breast cancer risk.
If you know what makes you more likely to develop breast cancer, you’ll be better able to avoid these risk factors.
The secret’s revealed: Here’s what puts you at risk of developing breast cancer
“Unhealthy body weight, unbalanced diet and lack of exercise are responsible for 90% of cancers,” says FSP Health.
So in addition to your monthly self-breast exam, you can minimise your risk of developing breast cancer by living a healthy lifestyle.
Include tofu and red wine in your breast-cancer preventing diet!
Early intake of soy from whole soy foods like miso, tofu and soybeans also plays a protective role against breast cancer and decreases the recurrence of breast cancer, says the Huffington Post.
This means all you have to do is eat high fibre, low fat foods and tofu, drink lots of fresh clean water, and make sure you get lots of exercise.
And don’t avoid red wine, as red wine contains the same chemicals used for treatment of breast cancer in post-menopausal women, says FSP Health.
There you have it. Simple diet changes that’ll boost your overall health and minimise your risk of developing breast cancer.

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Revealed: The simple new diet that'll cut your breast cancer risk
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