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Revealed: The secret to using coffee to prevent a migraine!

by , 14 May 2013

The latest research into migraine has found a fourth genetic cause for them, so if you have a family history of migraine, there's a strong chance you'll get these debilitating headaches, too. But you don't have to resign yourself to a life filled with days sleeping your migraines off in a dark room. You can do your own research into your migraine triggers, or better yet - restrict your caffeine intake so that a cup of coffee does the trick of stopping a migraine in its tracks when you need it most!

About 6% of men and 18% of women suffer from migraines. 
And they can be caused by anything from food allergies to hormones and even the weather, says FSPHealth.
Now, a new genetic migraine cause has been suggested by researchers.
Because migraines DO seem to be caused by specific types of gene mutations that run in families.
This is the fourth such genetic mutation to be found, says TheVerge.
In a detailed study where the same mutation was created in mice, the mice were found to show behaviour that’s consistent with migraine in humans, including increased sensitivity to pain.
But while there’s more and more proof that migraine has a genetic cause, you shouldn’t adopt the attitude that nothing can be done about your migraines.
You can still prevent migraines.
The best way to prevent migraines is to learn what triggers your migraines, and then try to avoid these triggers, says KidsHealth
If you know your migraine triggers, avoid them religiously and STILL suffer from migraines, you can try using coffee to your advantage.
Here’s how to use coffee to stop a migraine in its tracks…
See, the typical cup of coffee is brimming with caffeine. 
And caffeine dilates the capillaries in the brain, which can help prevent migraines as a migraine headache restricts these capillaries, says YahooVoices.
That’s why many traditional migraine medications have large doses of caffeine as one of their main components.
But the human body acclimates itself to caffeine, so to make that cup of coffee more effective against a migraine, you should restrict your regular consumption of caffeine from other sources like cold drinks and switch to decaf coffee.
This way, when your body does receive that caffeine hit from a regular cup of coffee, it’ll be more effective at warding off a migraine, explains YahooVoices.
If the coffee doesn’t work, get your caffeine dose from daily preventive migraine medications!
And remember that if you suffer from migraines frequently, there are a number of daily preventive migraine medications you can take to reduce the frequency, quantity and length of your migraines by at least half, says WebMD.
Simple as that.

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Revealed: The secret to using coffee to prevent a migraine!
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